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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Revelation chapters 2 and 3 prove that catholicism is not Christian?

You claim that

Does anyone know where exactly the underpants bomber was injured?

I was watching a documentary about the underpants bomber (that Muslim guy who tried to blow up an American plane on Christmas Day 2009) and they were very coy about the guys injuries.

A re-enactment they did seemed to suggest that although the bomb was smuggled aboard in his underpants, when it caught fire (it thankfully didnt explode), it was strapped to his thigh.

I was very disappointed to hear this.

The documentary said he was badly burnt, but didnt say where.

Does anyone know if he was burnt on the leg or in his private areas? One of those answers would make me happer than the other - that there really is justice in this cruel world... :-)

Thanks x
apparantly he was burned on his hands, thigh, and genitalia if that makes you feel better lol
His bum.

Are religious teachings important to modern global economic trading?

Would the world economy fail without the religions of the world?
Sociology and cultural anthropology are always going to be factors in any international endeavor or relationship, so in that way, yes. Would the economy fail? ...I

What is your ethnicity and do you fnd lighter or darker skin more attractive?

I heard that pale skin is preferred in the Asian community, and caramel skin (light black/light brown) is preferred in the Black people and South Asian community.






Ok, in the Dark community, that second guy you posted would be considered Medium Brown skinned. Dark is more like this;

(I find medium brown skin the most attractive.)
Spanish. It depends on the person.

ATHEISTS: If your beloved Darwinism THEORY is indeed true and gays are allowed to marry, let me ask you this?

The laughable unproven theory of evolution states that we evolved from apes, and completely new species not created by the Almighty God have formed from no where, correct?

Meanwhile, as gay marriage becomes legal, they will continue to have sexual intercourse. Since God created male and female, and ONLY male and female (X AND Y) should be having sex, but now men are having sex with men (X AND X) and women are having sex with women (Y AND Y).

Are you saying that within the next century a new gender will form from nowhere (Z)?
You are very smart i asked that in bio class and got kicked out!
Wow, it

Christians, did you know that you are the main contributing factor in my becoming an atheist?

The circular reasoning, logical fallacies and strawman arguments that you all are so fond of is what caused me to really start to question the validity of my beliefs. I was debating a young earth creationist about evolution and trying to convince him that evolution and Christianity were not mutually exclusive by using the order of events in the biblical creation story when it became clear to me that the god of the bible is not the loving and caring god that I grew up with, and he is not good or deserving of love and worship. In fact, it became even clearer to me just how evil and sadistic

Is it really legal for a 12 year old to get a sex change?

Well, I